About Us

An ancient tradition.

Ancient Egyptian mythology tells of a power struggle in Heaven between the Lord Osiris's sons, following his death. During the feud, the wicked son, Set, gouged out his brother Horus's left eye: the Wadjet. Supernatural means restored Horus's eye, which he offered to his dead father in ritual sacrifice, in turn restoring Osiris to life and the throne.


At Wadjet we honor the tradition of storytelling and restoration chronicled in this mythology by remaking media accessible to the visually impaired. In an industry where description of substandard quality is still produced, it is our mission to create seamless description that restores the visual narrative for all.


John Gray


In Los Angeles, John worked as a freelance describer for numerous access service companies. He developed an extensive skillset and a passion for making the stories and mediums he loves accessible to everyone. 


Now, John lives in Colorado where he mined his knowledge to found Wadjet LLC.  When he isn't creating the highest quality audio description, John spends his days tramping through the wilderness, watching movies and playing with his dogs.